Please contact us by email or phone for new questions. It is with great pleasure that we will develop this F.A.Q.
1. Can you apply makeup after a laser hair removal session on your face?

Yes, no worries if you wish you can put on your make-up. But this is of course optional as you have only discrete transient redness at the base of the hairs, which fade within 30 minutes after treatment.

2. Can you apply makeup before a laser hair removal session on your face?

We prefer not to recommend it or failing this we will remove make-up before treating you with laser. The foundation and make-up capture the energy of the laser beam which causes an increase in the temperature on the surface of the skin, a source of discomfort and even slight burns in places. Let us avoid this at all costs!

3. What to do if you have a hormonal disorder?

If you have an hormonal disorder, especially hyperandrogenism or polycystic ovary syndrome, laser hair removal can change your life, even if it sometimes takes more sessions to get rid of your hair or even remote maintenance sessions.

4. Why does it take multiple laser hair removal sessions to achieve permanent hair removal?

Because the laser beam only destroys the hairs in the anagen phase, that is to say in the phase of growth, during which the outer epithelial sheath of the bulb is well developed and pigmented (concomitant activation of melanin). The hairs in the catagen phase (quiescence phase) and in the telogen phase (involution phase) are not reached by the laser and it will be necessary to wait for them to pass in their turn in the anagen phase to destroy them.

5. I have what is called a “folliculite”, which are pimples at the base of my hair that get worse after waxing or shaving. Can I do laser hair removal?

(This problem of ingrown hair affects in particular the jersey and legs in women and the beard in men).

Yes, and it’s even the standard treatment for this problem of folliculitis and ingrown hair. From your first or second session, you will greatly appreciate the virtues of laser that will leave you smooth, soft and beautiful skin. In the extreme, the laser is also perfectly indicated in the problems of axillary and inguinal hidradenites related to Verneuil’s disease.

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6. Is laser hair removal really a definitive solution?

Laser hair removal is most often definitive. It destroys more than 80% of the hair and causes a miniaturization of the few that remain, resulting in an almost invisible down. But it is not impossible that, depending on hormonal changes during life such as pregnancy or menopause, one or more small retouching sessions are required.

In men, due to androgens, it is possible that it is necessary in some cases to perform maintenance sessions, for example semi-annual or annual, to maintain the result.

7. What is the difference between a laser and a pulsed light?

A laser produces intense light consisting of a single wavelength: it is pure, monochromatic light. This wavelength, whether it is the Alexandrite (755nm) or the Yag (1064nm) corresponds to a peak of absorption in the melanin of the hair. It is the only hair removal technique that allows permanent hair removal. The pulsed light produces a polychromatic light from which a panel of interesting wavelengths will be selected by a filter depending on the indication of the treatment.

Unfortunately this treatment only refines the hair and delays its regrowth most often without destroying it.

Beware of attractive prices that could make you opt for this technique because once the hair is refined, it takes longer to destroy with laser (we have reduced the target without making it disappear completely).

8. Is laser harmful to health?

No, not at all, and we have about 25 years of hindsight to say that. The laser beam fades very quickly beyond the depth of the bulbs. The penetration of the photons is therefore only a few millimetres. Sensitive areas such as breasts, ovaries are not affected by this technique.

 You just have to protect your eyes from the intense beam of light by wearing dedicated glasses when you treat your body or metal shells when you treat your face.

Finally, let us recall that pregnancy remains an absolute contraindication although of principle (precautionary principle).

9. At what age can you start laser hair removal?

Except in special cases, girls can start at the age of 16 in general. Nevertheless, we need a signed parental agreement and the accompaniment during each session by at least one of the parents. The earlier you start laser hair removal, the longer you will enjoy its benefits. And if during life hormonal changes, for example a pregnancy, made one or two sessions of recall necessary, it is with pleasure that you would be required to perform this one(s)-this on a few loose hairs. In any case, you will never lose the benefit of previous sessions.

10. Is laser effective on white hair?

 No, unfortunately not because the white hair does not contain melanin, which is the target of the laser. So in the absence of a laser beam target, there is no efficiency. This is exactly the same for red hair, very light blond hair or discoloured hair, which also does not contain melanin, and for which the laser is ineffective.

11. Can all skin types be treated with laser hair removal?

Yes, it is possible. The Alexandrite laser can be used for non-bronzed phototypes 1 to 4, while the Yag laser can be used to treat matte (phototype 5) and black (phototype 6) skin. Note that laser hair removal performed on phototype 5 and 6 usually requires more sessions. All our lasers are equipped with a dual wavelength system to cover all processing possibilities.

12. Is it possible to have appointments in the evening or on Saturday that exceed the calendar proposed by the online calendar?

Yes, in case the proposed agenda does not meet your possibilities, we will try to satisfy you as much as possible. Feel free to call us.

13. Laser hair removal: Is it expensive?

On the scale of a lifetime, you will earn a lot of money compared to other methods of hair removal, if we can compare them…

And what you’re going to gain in addition is an enormous amount of time, comfort of life, confidence in yourself, skin softness, and through it all… of happiness and serenity.

14. Can I come just for information and discover your centre? Is it free?

Of course, and of course it’s free. It will be a great pleasure to meet you, show you our high-tech equipment, reassure you on the technique and reassure you on the excellence of the results. We also have a few open house days, please feel free…

15. Will I be naked if I have to do laser hair removal of intimate areas?

No, we give you a small thong made of white fabric (not to capture the energy of the laser beam) and disposable. During the session, we push the thong on one side and then on the other to perform the treatment. Your privacy is preserved.